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Our Cottage Clips Grooming Staff

Ashley Hall

Ashley grew up in Hurricane, West Virginia.  Her father was an airline pilot, so she was able to see a lot of the world! In 2004, she and her family moved to Virginia. She has always been a huge animal lover. Just ask her parents! They can tell you about the stray animals she has brought home over the years. She currently have two bearded dragons and one wonderful dog named Nell who is her pride and joy. For the past seven years she has been working with animals and she absolutely loves it!
Ashley started her animal journey by walking other people's dogs. Three years ago, she landed a job at an animal shelter.  Unfortunately, there were cases of severely matted dogs. At the time, the shelter did not currently have a dog groomer and being a non profit they could not afford to send them out to the groomer. She felt horrible for these dogs and the current state they were in. She decided to pick up a pair of clippers and attempted to make the dogs feel more comfortable. One day, she decided to follow her passion, GROOMING! She's been grooming for one year now and she absolutely loves what she does. She takes pride in her work and loves making other people's animals feel and look good.  She thinks the greatest accomplishment that you can have while grooming is working with a dog who is really scared and helping them get through the groom by making it an enjoyable experience. She finds great success and happiness in making other people's pets look good.


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 loves her days spent with our Cottage Clips staff!

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